Bertolotti Gioielli operates in Turin since 1921.

Since 1971 it is in its current seat in Via Cernaia 28. Bertolotti Gioielli is headed by Renza Bertolotti, the founder’s daughter, and her daughter Marina Cocuzza Del Corso, better known under the name of Marina Bertolotti. In addition to the high quality jewelry and silverware tradition, Bertolotti researches and proposes jewels of various eras, modern, antique and ethnic, of the most varied origins.

Bertolotti also offers precious and unusual objects, of the ‘900 and also antiques.

Bertolotti Gioielli - gioielleria Torino -vista destra

Starting from 1995, Marina Bertolotti began to design particular jewels, almost always unique pieces. These were made to her design by high-level artisans, using alloys of various precious metals, unusual stones suitably chosen and sometimes pieces of antiques.

Bertolotti Gioielli - gioielleria Torino -vista sinistra
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